Leasing A Box Truck Increases Your Efficiency and Profits


Whether you are in the business of transporting large goods daily, or you simply need a great truck to move items once in a while, a box truck is a profitable addition to your company. Unfortunately, bad credit can make acquiring a truck difficult. This is why we at LeasingABoxTruck.com have spent 10 years helping businesses to meet their transportation needs and making leasing a box truck easy, affordable and convenient.

You can have access to a fleet of box trucks of different makes, sizes and features without any of the traditional financing red tape. With us, you:

• Do not need a minimum credit score to qualify for a lease
• Do not need to make down payments
• Enjoy longer leasing terms
• Receive full financing
• Can apply over the phone or by filling an application form online

Why Leasing A Box Truck Is The Better Option

Many businesses and owner operators often make the mistake of taking out loans or buying trucks in cash. This results in reduced credit options, inflexible loan agreements and running down cash reserves. Leasing a box truck, on the other hand, saves you money and offers longer, flexible terms without need for extra collateral. There is none of the hassle that comes with traditional financing and the process is made more efficient through online and telephonic applications.

There are many benefits to commercial truck leasing. Some of the advantages include:

• Preserves your capital: instead of exhausting your company’s cash reserves on buying a truck, you can free up capital with fixed, affordable payments
• Avoid extensive paperwork: unlike with traditional financing, truck leasing does not require time-consuming documentation and monthly reports. You can apply online or through the telephone
• Flexible terms: leasing terms are much more flexible and longer than those of a loan
• Full financing: you receive 100% of the financing you need. There is no need to make down payments.
• Types of sales: sales can be made by and through dealers and privately

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we can help you meet all your trucking needs quickly and effectively. Leasing a box truck with us can help preserve your capital, eliminate paperwork and provide complete financing. As active supporters of the OOIDA and other reputable trucking organizations, our aim is to equip your business with top of the range transportation and offer some of the best payment options available today.